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queen. No swarms have been recorded, so new
Pesticide Application
infestations are apparently transferred by moving
Granules  around foundations and
infested objects.
dumpsters can be applied and watered-
Pharaoh ants trail each other and are attracted to
in to give initial population suppression.
grease, meats, insects, and sweets. These harborage
Residual pesticides alone, or fogs in
and food preferences bring it to coffee areas, kitchens,
garbage rooms and food areas that are
paper and other supply storage, office equipment,
not also cleaned up, will not control
medical storage, laboratory benches, many kinds of
large populations.
biological cultures including insect-rearing chambers,
Baits are helpful.
hospital rooms with wound or burn patients; the ants
Crack and crevice application must be
have turned up in I.V tubes, medicine droppers, and
bandage stacks.
Spot treatment around doors reinforce
other control and management efforts.
Control and Management
Dusts in infested manholes and other
protected voids kill large numbers.
Inspect where sanitation is slipping.
Ants are found where food is available,
Large Crazy ant infestations need to be followed
particularly sugars: where coffee is
and treated until the population is controlled. Monitor
made, lunches eaten, especially in desks
areas that support high populations such as garbage
where snacks are stored.
rooms, etc.
Inspect storage room spills, laboratory
media, culture and formula preparation
rooms, nurses' stations, unwashed cups,
and coin machine canteens, and kitchens
frequented by children.
(about 1/16 inch long)
Use small disposable peanut butter
baited cups to demonstrate where ants
are most prevalent (e.g. desk drawers,
opened food boxes). [Pharaoh ants are
Monomorium pharaonis
easily baited.]
A tiny ant, not much more than 1/16 inch long,
Look at water sites. [These ants are
the Pharaoh ant has two nodes. Its head and thorax are
attracted to dripping faucets; they drown
dull-yellowish to light-orange or little darker. It has a
in plant water bottles and coffee water
shining dark abdomen, especially at the end.
held overnight.  Floating ants are
frequently the first sign that these ants
are present.]
Habitat Alteration
Reduce stored supplies.
Clean, rearrange, and rotate supplies to
expose nests.
Clean food areas before the end of the
It is found in most urban centers in the United
work day or bedtime and empty water
States. Pharaoh ants prefer warmer buildings and
containers that stand overnight.
warm areas (80-85 F.) in buildings for nesting. These
ants are active year-round in houses and portions of
Pesticide Application
large buildings such as hospitals, office buildings,
Several baits are available for Pharaoh ant
laboratory buildings, etc. Nesting sites include wall
control. Place a bait station where every positive
voids,  cracks in woodwork, stacks of paper,
monitoring trap was located.
envelopes, bed linens, bandage packs, harborage in
Set commercial bait stations. One that
desk drawers, etc. It is common to find many colonies
uses a stomach poison well accepted by
in one building and, perhaps, several in one room.
ants,  and a grain-based bait that
Colonies have multiple queens and increase by
includes ground insect exoskeletons are
dividing: one portion of the colony going with each
Module One, Chapter 3, Pg 12


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