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close by. If animals are nearby, investigate for manure
Flies often tell the same story: they frequent
concentrations. Garbage cans and dumpsters are often
garbage, dead animals and manure. Their larvae live
the problem source; even soil where garbage has
in that material. To enter a house, they have flown
decomposed will support infestations.
inside through an open door or window, or they have
House flies infest most garbage, manure
moved from a dead bird or rodent in a wall.
(horses, cattle, poultry, pet), filth
House Fly
Both the House fly, (Musca domestica) that lives
on garbage or manure, and its close relative, the Face
fly (Musca autumnalis) that lives on fresh cattle
Face Fly
manure, are about l/4 inch long. They have a dull-
gray thorax with dark stripes and a dark, dull abdomen
Face flies need fresh cattle manure for
with yellow sides.
egg laying.
Flesh flies (the family Sarcophagidae) live on
Flesh flies, like blow flies, live in pet
meat scraps, dead animals and dog excrement; they are
manure, meat scraps in garbage, and
more than l/4 inch long, have a dull-gray thorax with
dead animals.
three distinct dark stripes and a gray checkerboard
Blow flies are scavengers and live in
manure, carrion, dead birds and rodents
Blow flies (the family Calliphoridae) are about
in wall voids and chimneys. One Blow
l/4 inch long. Their thorax and abdomen are shiny
fly, called the Cluster fly, parasitizes
black,  metallic green or bronze, or they have a
metallic blue abdomen with a dull thorax. They live on
Look for fly sources where buildings are infested.
dead animals, meat scraps in garbage, and wet mixed
Observe sanitation in the areas where flies are
The Cluster fly (Pollenia rudis) is also in the
The most common means of fly entry is
family Calliphoridae. It is slightly more than l/4 inch
through open doors. Look for door
long. Its thorax is covered with gray or yellowish
props, and hooks, as well as gaps where
hairs; it has no stripes, Its abdomen is dark gray with
broom handles are stuck over hinges to
light patches.
hold the door open.
Evaluate garbage management.
Garbage left in the building or on
loading  docks  is  an  attractant.
When any of these flies become problems inside,
their breeding site and their larvae will usually be
Module Two, Chapter 1, Pg 2


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