Quantcast Attic Flies, Cluster Flies

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Follow up
Garbage should be removed from
the premises twice a week.
Regularly check sanitation and exclusion methods
In favorable weather, House fly larvae mature in
to see that they are being maintained. Observe client
6-10 days and Blow flies in 3-9 days. They live in
and worker habits that run counter to the pest
refuse only from the egg laying to the mature larval
management program (sanitation, habitat alteration,
stage. Then the mature larvae crawl away to pupate,
and so forth). Hold training clinics for workers about
emerging as adults later.
fly pest management.
Habitat Alteration
Caulk and tighten around all openings
such as screens, doors, windows,
ventilators, and eves.
Emphasize sanitation:  Make the following
recommendations to clients. [If sanitation cannot be
improved, other methods of control will not be
Remove breeding materials such as
garbage and manure.
Clean garbage cans and dumpsters
regularly,  and any fresh overflow
Clean food delivery spills immediately.
Drain wet areas around garbage
collection sites.
Keep loading docks clean.
Install air curtains where doors remain
open for deliveries, etc.
Install automatic door closers.
Replace white security lights inside and
outside with yellow lights.
Flesh Fly
The same flies that enter structures: House flies,
Pesticide Application
Face flies, some Blow flies, Flesh flies and Cluster
Fly strips can be placed in low access
flies, normally overwinter as adults. In nature, these
rooms, such as attics and storerooms.
locations are under bark, in hollow parts of trees or
Fly bait can eliminate adult flies when
under the bark of logs. They begin seeking shelter at
methods are in place that reduce
the end of the hot part of summer.
breeding sites.
If they begin investigating structure walls in this
Electric fly traps will control only a low
search for winter harborage, their upward movement
level of adult flies. [Watch these traps
often brings them to openings under siding, ventilators
to see what kinds of flies are being
and weep holes in masonry, cracks around windows,
wire penetrations, wall voids, and openings around the
Do not place blacklight fly traps where
roof. Unused attics are good overwintering sites.
they will attract insects from outside;
Flies, Elm Leaf beetles, Boxelder bugs and
Do not put them in competition with
female Paper wasps (all hidden in attic cracks) will
other lights such as those from vending
begin flying to windows on warm winter days. They
machines, etc.
often make their way down through closets and
Aerosol contact sprays can be used to
chimney cracks into living spaces of the house. This
knock down adult flies -- after
same behavior takes place in office buildings,
elimination of breeding sites and
hospitals, and other structures.
exclusion methods are in effect.
Ultra-low dosage applications of
nonresidual pesticides can be used if an
Frequently finding flies dead at windows may
adult infestation must be quickly
indicate an Attic fly infestation.
reduced outside.
Module Two, Chapter 1, Pg 3


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