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Conduct annual monitoring of nesting sites before
birds fledge.
Always collect mites for identification.
Use a small watercolor brush to pick
them up.
Store them in alcohol.
Often mite activity is close to their point of entry
The term, bug, is slang for insect. Used
into a structure. When this is the case:
technically, however, it refers to the thousands of
Look for bird nests on the outside of the
species of the order Hemiptera, true bugs. Most
structure on ledges, air conditioners,
species of true bugs feed on plants; many feed on
animals, other insects in particular; some are aquatic.
Identify ways they can enter buildings.
Feeding is accomplished when the bugs pierce tissues
with slender thread-like stylets (located in a "beak" on
Habitat Alteration
the front of the insect's head) and suck up liquids.
In this case habitat alteration also refers to the
Bedbugs are indeed true bugs that suck blood, but a
host birds habitat.
larger family of predatory bugs, the Reduviids (over
Remove nests.
2,500 species) also suck blood from mammals, birds,
Screen or net nest areas.
and some reptiles, as well as many species of insects.
Install inclined ramps to prevent nest
Prevent nesting.
The Family Cimicidae
Caulk mite entrance points into
Technicians should always protect their eyes and
respiratory system from dust of the nest, bird
Cimex lectularius
droppings, and fungal spores when cleaning roost
This wingless bed bug, a notable blood sucking
areas.  Wear rubber gloves to keep mites from
parasite of man throughout written history, has moved
crawling on hands and arms.
with him all over the world. The bed bug's adaptation
to humans is so complete their bites are nearly
Pesticide Application
painless. In the United States bed bugs have been one
Use pesticides labeled for mite control. Without
of the most important urban human pests; they were
food, and with pesticide applications, mite activity
disliked more than cockroaches, but DDT so
should cease within one day. Activity for extended
effectively controlled bed bugs in the late 1940s that
periods means that nests and entrances have been
they are of minor importance today.
missed (or the pest misidentified).
Bed bugs are dark
Apply pesticides indoors to cracks and
reddish brown, oval and
crevices in the area of mite activity.
very flat. Adults are
Apply sprays or dusts in the cracks that
almost l/4 inch long and
might communicate with the nest area.
become mature in about
Outside, spray or dust pesticides at the
four weeks when host
nest area to kill wandering mites.
blood is available and
Poultry mites, the same species or close relative
temperature,  humidity,
of bird mites, can be problems. These mite infestations
and harborage is
are treated in poultry houses or coops.
favorable. If hosts are
Obtain and follow recommendations
scarce, bed bugs can survive for a year without
from University County Agricultural
Extension Service agents.
Hosts include many species of vertebrates besides
man, including poultry, rodents, dogs, and cats. They
Follow up
infest shelters along hiking trails and cabins of summer
camps and parks. The surprise occurrence of bed bugs
Record nest sites and control methods; if later
in urban homes often can be traced to these recreation
infestations appear, new nests can be identified. Note
the dates when identified bird mite infestations are
Eggs. Eggs are deposited several times each day
reported. Keep records for several years; pinpoint
in protected places near the host's sleeping area;
times and seasons when these pests can be expected.
Module Two, Chapter 4, Pg 9


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