Quantcast Delusory Parasitosis

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pesticide application in label-approved sites should
expended by each consultant soon becomes excessive,
produce clear results that can be seen, otherwise it will
and the patient experiences repeated rejections of one
be viewed as a control failure and lost credibility will
type or another -- not to mention strain due to
expenditure of time and money.
In any of these situations there is a possibility that
Follow up
the complainant has a medically treatable condition.
Monitor the area periodically with sticky traps.
There have been cases in which drug abuse, or
Explain the importance of the appearance of captured
conflicting drug prescriptions for patients being treated
objects on the sticky surfaces are (e.g. small flies,
for several health problems, elicit such manifestations.
dust, lint, cockroaches, etc.). Identify any specimens
The fact is there is little that can be done by anyone
or objects workers have collected in the alcohol vials.
but a medical diagnostician with experience in the
Use hand lens or microscopes, and let the workers
cause of delusions.
view the specimens. After taking the steps outlined
Always be honest in answering questions; do not
agree to seeing pests that are not there. NEVER apply
above, often simply demonstrating to clients that you
pesticides in  these situations. Remember to
are on the job, that you are competent and informed
about pest management, will be an adequate solution.
communicate with the client that pesticides should only
be applied by pest management technicians when
active pest infestations have been identified and
A condition where an individual has delusions of
parasitism is an extremely emotional and sensitive
situation. An inspection of the problem environment
and an examination of specimens alleged to be the pest
or parasites will affirm or contradict the occurrence of
Biting pests in this chapter are not as commonly
an infestation to the technician but rarely to the client.
encountered as many other urban `pests. When
Often people affected by these delusions will have
infestations are found or suspected, however, they
been referred from one or several physician(s), to a
elicit fear: fear of being parasitized as well as a fear of
dermatologist, to a psychiatrist, to entomologists, to
the unknown. Calm, authoritative and well
health department sanitarians, pest control companies,
communicated advice is very important for pest
ad infinitum. The amount of time that must be
management technicians to use in situations involving
biting pests.
Module Two, Chapter 4, Pg 15


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