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Learning Objectives
After completion of the study of Miscellaneous Invaders, the trainee should be
able to:
Identify the key features in the life cycle, habitat and appearance of
miscellaneous invaders.
Discuss integrated pest management procedures for common
miscellaneous invaders.
Class Diplopoda
Millipedes are cylindrical, many
Class Chilopoda
segmented arthropods with two pairs
of legs attached to each segment. They
have short antennae. Millipedes live
outside in leaf litter; unlike centipedes,
they may build up in very large
numbers. Millipedes migrate in dry
weather and enter basements, ground
Centipedes  are sometimes combined with
floors, and window wells. They are a
millipedes in the large group Myriopoda. Centipedes
particular problem in houses located
are many-segmented arthropods with one pair of legs
near woodlands. One species, the
attached to each segment and somewhat long antennae.
brown millipede, has been known to
Except for one group, centipedes live outside under
crawl up forest cabin walls when
stones and logs. The centipede that lives inside is
populations are numerous.
known as the house centipede, Scutigera coleoptera.
Habitat Alteration
Remove leaf litter and compost near house
Caulk around door and window facings.
Weatherstrip doors and ground level
Adults are over one inch long, and run in a
Pesticide Application
graceful manner on many, very long legs. House
centipedes are found in small numbers in basements
Apply residual pesticides to cracks and
and other rooms that are not continuously occupied.
crevices around house foundations.
They feed on tiny insects and spiders. Although
If the infestation is particularly
beneficial, they frighten many people who then insist
persistent, or if the migrating pests have
they be controlled.
built up in very high numbers, apply a
House centipedes usually live in places that can be
band pesticide application around the
lightly dusted; if the area is damp, apply a light
house as a barrier.
residual spray.
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