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Advise clients to place a thin film of
Place bare earth covered with gravel or
cooking oil on window sills to trap
gravel over plastic as a barrier strip
mites as a temporary control until pest
about two feet wide on the sunny side
management technicians arrive.
of buildings to stop clover mite
Vacuum entering mites to immediately
reduce the population. Use caution:
Plant shrubs in front of this strip; shrub
sweeping or brushing can smear them.
mulching will add to the barrier's
Use general use spot treatment on
effectiveness by diversifying the habitat
surfaces where activity is very high.
and breaking up the even temperature
[Mites will be killed on contact, and the
gradient near the foundation.
residue will kill or repel mites for a
Close-mow the lawn in a 20-foot band
short period following application.]
to decrease grass protection and
Use crack and crevice applications in
temperature insulation.
structural joints and spaces from which
Caulk building cracks and the spaces
mites emerge.
where window and door framing join
Dust voids where mites have assembled.
building siding.
Emulsifiable concentrates, wettable
powders, dusts and pressurized canned
Caulk window and door framing and
pesticides, labeled for mite control, are
weatherstrip windows on the sunny side
of the house.
Caulk electrical plates.
Follow up
Pesticide Application
Monitor lawns in new areas or
subdivisions with actual or potentially
high clover mite populations.
Use a pesticide labeled for mite control and other
lawn pests. Thorough application of the pesticides is
needed to reach the soil. Usually mite control is
required only when invasions are underway. Placing
the pesticides near the building is an effective and
Miscellaneous invaders are identified as such
immediate treatment, but treatment to the lawn at this
time may be too late.
because they do not regularly occur inside, or because
Apply pesticide to the barrier area and
their infestation is less serious to people or structures
the mowed grass adjacent to it unless
than those of other pests. However, species in this
mite activity is also obvious elsewhere.
group are well known -- and disliked. They frequently
Place pesticides near the building being
become newsworthy local topics. Their unscheduled,
invaded. Sulphur is a possible miticide.
surprise occurrences are sporadic enough that people
Treat under sheathing, where possible,
forget to guard against them and suddenly find
to kill mites that have accumulated
themselves inundated and immediate action must be
taken -- leaving little time for thought and planning.
Module Two, Chapter 5, Pg 6


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