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Dust tracking powder into voids in
Place the baits in favorite feeding and
heavily infested apartment or office
resting sites as determined by large
numbers of droppings.
Use a bait station, PVC tube, cardboard
Place the baits between hiding places
tube, or any small, dark shelter that a
and food, up against a wall or object to
mouse could enter in cases where
intercept the mice.
tracking powder cannot be applied.
Bait in three dimensions (see earlier
Mice will explore such a shelter. Apply
discussion on trapping).
the tracking powder in a layer less than
Make bait placements 10 feet apart or
l/16-inch deep.
closer in infested areas.
Do not allow tracking powder to drift
If bait is refused, try switching to a
into nontarget areas.
different type, and replace the baits
Use small bait stations which are more
The house mouse is the most successful rodent in
attractive to mice than the larger rat-
adapting to life with people. It's found most anywhere
type stations.
people are, feeding on human food, sheltering in
Make sure that sanitation is such that
human structures, and reproducing at a remarkable
other food is not out-competing the
rate. It's the most troublesome and economically
important vertebrate pest, contaminating untold
Place secured tamper-proof bait boxes
millions of dollars worth of food, damaging
in safe locations near doors in late
possessions, and causing electrical fires with their
summer to intercept mice entering from
constant gnawing.
the wild.
Many control failures against house mice are due
Liquid Baits. Mice get most of their water from
to the applicator's lack of understanding of mouse
biology and habits, and particularly the major
their food; they also drink from a water container.
differences between mice and rats. Mice have a
Liquid baits that are labeled for mouse control can be
remarkable reproductive ability. A mated pair can
effective in sites that do not have a ready supply of
produce 50 offspring in one year. They also have a
water. The same water bait dispensers used for rats
foraging range much smaller than a rat's, usually only
can be used for mice. As with food baits and traps,
10 to 30 feet. Baits, traps, glue boards, and the like,
many water stations will be necessary to put the bait
must be placed close to the nest to be effective. Thus,
into the territory of all mice infesting a building.
good inspections are critical.
Tracking Powders. Tracking powders are
On the plus side, mice are curious and investigate
especially effective against mice. Mice groom
new objects in their territory, so control measure can
themselves more than rats, and they investigate
work fast when done correctly. Control of house mice
enclosed areas which can be dusted with tracking
is best when it is a three part process: sanitation,
mouse-proofing, and population reduction with traps or
Apply inside infested dry wall voids.
Module Three Chapter 3, Pg 7


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