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Trapping. Trapping is a practical means of
adjacent to buildings because of the risk that the
fumigant gas could find its way into the structure.
controlling ground squirrels in limited areas where
numbers are small. Live traps are effective, but
present the problem of disposal of a live squirrel.
Only rarely do chipmunks become a serious pest
Because squirrels can carry disease, many states will
problem. In most cases, lethal control is unnecessary.
not permit the animals to be released at some new
Altering the habitat may cause the chipmunks to move.
location, so they must be killed.
"Chipmunk-proof" the building to
prevent entrance.
Remove objects such as stones, logs,
and debris close to a structure that may
b e p r o v i d e a n  attractive denning
For the smaller species, rat snap traps can be
Trapping.  Live trapping and relocating
Place traps near burrow entrances or
chipmunks (where permitted) is considered a humane
runs and baited with nuts, oats, barley,
method of control. Effective baits include peanut
or melon rind.
butter, nuts, sunflowers, seeds, oats, bacon, and apple
Place traps under a box if any
slices. Relocation should be done into remote forest
nontargets might be killed in the trap.
areas five miles from the trap site.
Rodenticides. Rodenticides are the most cost
Rat snap traps can also be used effectively. Traps
effective way of controlling large populations of
should be placed at den entrances and baited with an
ground squirrels. A number of products are registered
apple slice, perhaps with some peanut butter. Seeds
for this use. Grain baits are most effective when
and nuts should not be used because they will attract
squirrels are feeding on grains and seeds.
ground-dwelling birds.
Place rodenticides in burrows or in
Poison baits that are labeled for chipmunk control
protected bait stations, according to the
can be used as described for ground squirrels.
label directions.
However, burrow fumigation is not usually a
Fumigation. Ground squirrels can also be killed
recommended control tactic because chipmunk burrows
by gassing their burrows. Aluminum phosphide tablets
are long, difficult to find, and often near buildings.
or smoke cartridges are most commonly used.
Fumigation is most effective when soil moisture is
high; moisture helps seal the tiny cracks in the burrow
walls. Fumigation is not effective during periods of
Moles are not rodents like mice and gophers, but
hibernation because the squirrels plug their burrows.
relatives of the insectivores (insect eaters) like shrews
Spring is normally considered to be the best time for
and hedgehogs. Moles search for food in deep as well
burrow fumigation. Fumigation is not a good choice
Module Three Chapter 5, Pg 6


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