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Apple slices, chicken parts and
corners of gardens, breaks in stone
entrails, fresh fish, sardines.
walls,  or along obvious animal
Mounting a good level of sanitation in a
neighborhood is the best preventive measure for
Set multiple traps in a number of
skunks, racoons, and opossums. Remind clients that
different locations.
released vertebrates must fight their way into new
Since these animals are active at night,
territory to establish themselves and overcrowded
check traps at least every morning;
habitat results in increased risk of disease and marginal
preferably twice a day.
nesting sites. Prevention is the most humane way of
Check traps often to spot and release
managing vertebrate pests.
nontarget animals.
There is obviously a special problem when
trapping skunks. Skunks don't like to "shoot," if they
can't see their target.
Cover all but the entrance of the trap
Almost any vertebrate animal may become a pest
with burlap or canvas before placing the
by wandering where it is not wanted. Sometimes it
trap, or
Use a commercially-sold solid skunk
will leave by itself. Sometimes, it will need to be
controlled. Because vertebrates are often game
animals, or otherwise protected, most control actions
Approach the trap slowly and transport
it gently.
will be nonlethal. Exclusion is often the preferred
To release a trapped skunk, stand more than 20
method. For the larger vertebrates, such as raccoons,
skunks, and opossums, live trapping is the most
feet away and release the trap door using a string or
common solution. Be aware, though, that concerns
fishing line.
The best baits for each animal are listed below:
about the spread of disease, and rabies in particular,
Chicken parts and entrails, fresh
has caused many states to prohibit the release of
trapped animals in other areas. In these cases, the
fish, cat food, sardines, eggs
Chicken parts and entrails, corn,
trapped animal must be killed or turned over to
fresh fish, sardines
wildlife officials.
Module Three Chapter 5, Pg 10


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