Quantcast Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Invaders -Cont.

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litter should be removed from the
foundations and doorways of buildings.
These sites can be replaced by plastic ground
cover and gravel. Barrier sprays can be used
when migrations are high. Dusts where it
can be used control house centipedes best.
Chapter 2  Rats
(4) Cricket problems are usually caused by black
field crickets migrating into buildings and
(1) B
(2) B
(3) A
(4) B
(5) A
(6) A
(9) A
homes when dry weather hits or weeds and
(7) E
(8) A
other plants on which crickets feed die or
Chapter 3  Mice
become unpalatable in late summer. Inside
(4) B
(5) D
(6) A
(3) A
(2) A
(1) D
field crickets are disruptive because of their
(7) A
(8) C
chirping and the fact that they will feed on
soiled clothes on closet floors.
Chapter 4  Birds
Crickets should be excluded by
(4) A
caulking, weatherstripping, etc. especially
(2) A
(1) D
(3) B
(5) E
(6) A
around doors, ground level windows, etc.
(7) B
(8) E
(9) B
(10) F
Where high populations are seen in roadside
Chapter 5  Other Vertebrates
ditches or in landscaping around buildings
(1) D
(2) A  (3) B
they can be sprayed before movement starts.
(4) A
(5) B
(6) A
(8) A  (9) A
(7) D
Cave crickets or camel crickets are
wingless insects with long hind legs and
antennae. These insects live in basements or
ground level apartments and are occasionally
bothersome. They can be killed with contact
sprays or dusts.
Appendix A, Pg 4


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