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Glossary of Terms for Urban Integrated Pest Management
Reference to Appendix C, Glossary, gives the trainee an opportunity to learn
more about specific
concepts, and
ALGAE-- Relatively simple plants that contain
ABSORPTION-- The movement of a chemical into
chlorophyll and are photosynthetic.
plants, animals (including humans), microorganisms.
ALGICIDE-- A pesticide used to kill or inhibit
ACARICIDE-- A pesticide used to control mites and
ticks. A miticide is an acaricide.
ANTI-SIPHONING DEVICE--A device attached
A C T I V E I N G R E D I E N T - - The chemical or
to the filling hose that prevents backflow or
chemicals in a pesticide responsible for killing,
backsiphoning from a spray tank into a water source.
poisoning, or repelling the pest. Listed separately in
the ingredient statement.
ANTICOAGULANT-- A chemical that prevents
normal bloodclotting. The active ingredient in some
ACUTE TOXICITY-- The capacity of a pesticide to
cause injury within 24 hours following exposure. LD50
and LC50 are common indicators of the degree of acute
toxicity. (See also Chronic Toxicity).
ANTIDOTE--A treatment used to counteract the
effects of pesticide poisoning or some other poison in
ADJUVANT-- A substance added to a pesticide to
the body.
improve its effectiveness or safety. Same as additive.
ARACHNID--A wingless arthropod with two body
Examples: Penetrants, spreader-stickers, and wetting
regions and four pairs of jointed legs. Spiders, ticks,
and mites are in the class Arachnida.
ADSORPTION--The process by which chemicals
ARTHROPOD - - A n  i n v e r t e b r a t e a n i m a l
are held or bound to a surface by physical or chemical
attraction. Clay and high organic soils tend to adsorb
characterized by a jointed body and limbs and usually
a hard body covering that is molted at intervals. For
example, insects, mites, and crayfish are in the phylum
AEROSOL--A material stored in a container under
pressure. Fine droplets are produced when the material
dissolved in a liquid carrier is released into the air
ATTRACTANT-- A substance or device that will
from the pressurized container.
lure pests to a trap or poison bait.
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