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URBAN- - A Standard Metropolitan Area (SMA) or
VOLATILITY-- The degree to which a substance
a town of 2,500(+) occupants.
changes from a liquid or solid state to a gas at
ordinary temperatures when exposed to air.
pest infestations that are normally problems in urban
WATER TABLE-- The upper level of the water
areas. Urban pest management involves reducing pest
saturated zone in the ground.
populations to tolerable numbers in and around homes,
in structures and those pests that cause health related
W E T T A B L E P O W D E R - - A dry pesticide
problems. Urban pest management may or may not
formulation in powder form that forms a suspension
when added to water.
focus on reducing economic injury but it always deals
with health or aesthetic injuries. Pest control workers
certified in Categories 3, 7, and 8 usually work in
ZONE-- The management unit, an area of potential
pest infestation made up of infested sites. Zones will
urban pest management or urban pest control.
contain pest food, water, and harborage. A kitchen-
USE--The performance of pesticide related activities
bathroom arrangement in adjoining apartments might
requiring certification include: application, mixing,
make up a zone; a kitchen, storeroom, waiters station,
loading, transport, storage, or handling after the
loading dock at a restaurant may make up another.
manufacturing seal is broken; care and maintenance of
Zones may also be established by eliminating areas
application and handling equipment; and disposal of
with little likelihood of infestation and treating the
pesticides and their containers in accordance with label
remainder as a zone. A zone will be an ecosystem.
requirements. Uses not needing certification are: long
distance transport, long term storage, and ultimate
For the further definition of terms consult:
VAPOR PRESSURE-- The property which causes
*The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act as
amended. Public Law 92-516 October 21, 1972 as amended by
a chemical to evaporate. The higher the vapor
Public Law 94-140 November 28, 1975 and Public Law 95-396
pressure, the more volatile the chemical or the easier
September 30, 1978.
it will evaporate.
*Federal Register November 7, 1990 Part II Environmental
V E C T O R - - A carrier, an animal (e.g. insect,
Protection Agency 40 CFR Part 171 Certification of Pesticide
Applicator; Proposed Rule.
nematode, mite) that can carry and transmit a pathogen
from one host to another.
*Regional Offices of the EPA.
*State Lead Agency for the State Plan for Commercial and Private
V E R T E B R A T E - - Animal characterized by a
segmented backbone or spinal column.
*Federal Agency Secretary's Office (For federal employees using
VIRUS-- Ultramicroscopic parasites composed of
restricted pesticides in performance of official duties).
proteins. Viruses can only multiply in living tissues
*Indian Governing Body or Indian Reservation Recertification Plan
and cause many animal and plant diseases.
*Local, State and National Pest Control Associations.
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