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5.5.4 Preservative Poisoning.  All pesticide applicators and supervisors should learn
the safety information provided on the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which lists
symptoms and first aid.
5.5.5 First Aid.
Basic first aid procedures for poisoning are:
First, remove the individual from further exposure.
Get medical advice quickly if you or any of your fellow workers have
unusual or unexplained symptoms starting at work or later the same day. Do not let yourself or
anyone else get dangerously sick before calling your physician or going to a hospital. It is better
to be too cautious than too late.
First aid is the initial effort to help a victim while medical help is on the
way. If you are alone with the victim, make sure the victim is breathing and is not being further
exposed to the poison before you telephone/radio for emergency help. Apply mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation if the victim is not breathing. Apply Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) if in-
dividual is not breathing and has no pulse.
Read and know the first aid instructions on the MSDS. Follow those
instructions. Do not become exposed to poisoning yourself while you are trying to help. Take
the pesticide container and MSDS to the physician. Do not carry the pesticide container in the
passenger space of a car or truck.


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