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Building poles shall be treated in accordance with AWPA standard C23. In shipments for which
the American Wood Preservers' Bureau was responsible for independent inspections, look for the
AWPB Quality Mark as evidence that building poles were inspected. The notation "CFP" either
tagged or branded verifies treatment and inspection to AWPB Standards. In shipments for which
the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau was responsible for independent inspections, look for the
SPIB Quality Mark and the notation "CCP" for Construction Poles and Posts (Figure 6-4). For
other Quality Marks contact the cognizant EFD Wood Protection Specialist.
There are three types of piles: marine, general, and foundation. Marine piles are exposed to sea
water; general piles are used in fresh water or in soil, but not capped with concrete; and founda-
tion piles are entirely embedded in the ground and capped with concrete.
To determine if piling was inspected prior to treatment, check for the inspector's hammer brand
on the tip end of the piling, just as with poles.
To determine the type of preservative that was used and the retention to which the piling was
treated, check the brand applied by the supplier. Each pile is branded at points 5 feet and 10 feet
from the butt end of the pile. These brands show:
Supplier's Brand
Plant Designation
Year of Treatment
Species of Timber and Preservative Treatment
The symbols used for preservatives and wood species are shown in Table 6-1.
The standards for treatment of piles are addressed in AWPA commodity Standards C3 and C18.
For those piles procured with the services of the inspection program offered by the American
Wood Preservers Bureau, check the piles for the AWPB monel tag (Figure 6-5) to verify inspec-
tion. To determine the intended use of piling inspected with the AWPB program, read the letter
symbols for the respective AWPB Inspection Standard:
Intended Use
Foundation, land, or fresh water
Marine piling or camel logs - dual treatment with waterborne
MP 1
preservative and creosote
Marine piling or camel logs - treated with creosote
MP 2
for marine waters
Marine piling or camel logs-treated with waterborne
MP 4
preservatives for marine waters.


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