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FDN Permanent wood foundation
MLP Pressure treated for marine exposure
The appropriate identifying label is included within the AWPB mark on each piece of treated
wood. Thus to spot check incoming treated wood using the AWPB inspection program, locate the
quality marks and read the included information to determine what preservative was used and the
intended end-use of the material.
The SPIB Quality Mark on lumber and plywood, also connotes information on the preservative
used, that minimum preservative retention is met or exceeded, whether it was or was not redried
before inspection after treatment and intended end use (See Figure 6-4). The SPIB Quality Mark
is used on treated forest products when those products conform to the pressure treating require-
ments of the American Wood Preservatives Association Standards as they relate to waterborne
treatments. The SPIB Quality Marks give the following information about preservatives and end
Chromated Copper Arsenate - Type A
Chromated Copper Arsenate - Type B
Chromated Copper Arsenate - Type C
Seasoned in accordance with the contract specification.
If drying is specified without stating the moisture content,
it shall be construed to mean a maximum of 19% moisture
content in lumber and 18% in plywood.
Treater has provided treating service only, i.e., no drying.
Ground Contact Use
Intended for use in contact with ground.
Intended for use where material does not come in contact
Above Ground Use
with ground and is not in marine environment.
For use in wood foundations.


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