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A5-Standard Methods for Analysis of Oil-Borne Preservatives.
A6-Method for the Determination of Oil-Type Preservatives and Water in Wood.
A7-Standard Wet Ashing Procedure for Preparing Wood for Chemical Analysis.
A8-Qualitative Recovery of Creosote or Creosote-Coal Tar Solution from Freshly Treated Piles, Poles,
or Timber (Squeeze Method).
A9-Standard Method for Analysis of Treated Wood and Treating Solutions by X-ray Emission
A10-Standard Methods of Analysis of CCA Treating Solutions and CCA Treated Wood by Colorimetry.
C1-All Timber Products- Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C2-Lumber, Timbers, Bridge Ties, and Mine Ties-Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C3-Piles--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C4-Poles--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C5-Fenceposts--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C6-Crossties and Switch Ties--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C8-Western Redcedar and Alaska Yellow-Cedar Poles-Preservative Treatment by the Full-Length
Thermal Process.
C9-Plywood--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C10-Lodgepole Pine Poles--Preservative Treatment by the Full-Length Thermal Process.
C14-Wood for Highway Construction--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C16-Wood Used on Farms--Preservative Treatment by Pressure Processes.
C18-Standard for Pressure--Treated Piles and Timbers in Marine Construction.
C23-Round Poles and Posts Used in Building Construction--Preservative Treatment by Pressure.
C28-Standard for Preservative Treatment of Structural Glued Laminated Members and Laminations
Before Gluing of Southern Pine, Pacific Coast Douglas-fir, and Western Hemlock by Pressure


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