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3.6.7 Sawn material less than 2 inches in thickness or plywood when treated with an oil-type
preservative may be bundled with tags being attached to the bundles to identify species, preservative,
retention, supplier, and year of treatment. In lieu of tags attached to bundles, when such material is
treated with a waterborne preservative, the required information may be dye stamped on the outer pieces
of a bundle.
4.1 The Government reserves the right to perform and/or retain services for any of the inspections
set forth in the specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to assure that supplies and ser-
vices conform to prescribed requirements. Tests to verify the accuracy of inspection reports furnished
by the supplier shall be made either by employees of the purchaser or by commercial inspection com-
panies retained by the purchaser. The purchaser may elect to employ the services and accept the stamp
or brand of an independent quality control agency. When treated wood, as specified by a Government
agency, is procured by a contractor for the construction of a building or other facility for that agency, the
contractor shall submit to that agency an inspection report from an independent commercial inspection
company acceptable to the purchaser. An omission of this inspection report is permissible if the treated
wood bears the brand or stamp of an independent quality control agency acceptable to the purchaser. In
the invitation for bids, the purchaser will designate the general procedure to be used in confirming the
quality of the product.
4.1.1 Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the supplier is responsible for
the performance of all inspection requirements as specified herein, and complete inspection records shall
be furnished either to the purchaser's office or otherwise stipulated in the order or contract.
4.1.2 Except as otherwise specified, the supplier may utilize his own or any other inspection facilities
and services acceptable to the Government (see 4.1).
4.1.3 Inspection of the untreated stock shall be made in a period within 10 days of treatment.
4.1.4 The Government reserves the right to conduct or retain services for inspections at
destination. When the results obtained at destination disagree with those obtained at origin, the results
of the destination inspection shall be binding.
4.1.5 When inspection is made at destination, it will be made within 30 days of delivery. AWPA
methods of assay will be used and an assay retention of 90 percent of the stipulated assay retention will
be accepted as conforming. (See footnote 10, table II).
4.2 Instructions. Unless otherwise specified, AWPA Standard M2 (with certain exceptions as
given below) shall be followed, in the inspection of all treated wood purchased by the Government.
4.2.1 Penetration. In the inspection of piles, building poles, building posts, or Group B utility
poles (37.5 in. or more in circumference 6 ft from the butt), each piece shall be bored at the approximate
midpoint for the determination of penetration. Any piece that does not show the specified penetration
shall be rejected. If 15 percent or more of the pieces in any charge or lot of piles, building poles,


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