Quantcast Care and Handling of Treated Wood Products

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When treated with a waterborne preservative, each piece of lumber four
inches and larger in nominal width shall be permanently dye stamped on
the surface.
Piles: Each pile shall be branded or tagged in two places approximately 5
and 10 feet from the butt. The brand shall identify species, length, preserv-
ative, retention, supplier, and the year of treatment.
Poles: Each pole 50 feet or less in length shall be branded or tagged 10 feet
from the butt. Poles 55 feet or more in length shall be branded or tagged
14 feet from the butt. All poles shall have the required branding or tagging
included on the butt face. The brand shall identify species, class and length,
preservative, retention (may be indicated with "S" for standard or "H" for
heavy retention), supplier, plant designation, and year of treatment.
NAVFACINST 6250.4B requires that Requisitions and Invitations for Bid
for treated wood products which deviate from the instruction be reviewed
and approved by the cognizant NAVFAC EFD Applied Biologist prior to
submission. This requirement will insure that the most appropriate
product is ordered, that current treatment specifications are cited, and that
Applied Biologists are alerted to pending procurements which may require
actions to insure product quality.
Review requirements may be waived or reduced by the cognizant EFD
when an activity has been shown to be consistently receiving products of
acceptable quality.  Review guidance may then be provided on an as
necessary basis to maintain acceptable product quality levels.
Whenever possible, alterations should
be made prior to the original pressure
preservative treatment!
1.8.1 Introduction.  AWPA Standard M4 outlines recommended
practices for the care of preservative-treated wood products. The publica-
tion deals primarily with practices at the treating plant, however, the
following field recommendations are made.


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