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1.8.2 Machining And Cutting. When treated wood products are cut
or altered prior to installation, the user should treat the effected surfaces
with the same preservative, if available, or as follows:
1.8.3 Oilborne Preservatives.  At least two brush applications of
either creosote or a solution of at least 5 percent pentachlorophenol in a
suitable solvent or one heavy application of a grease/paste containing at
least 10 percent pentachlorophenol. Cleanliness requirements should dic-
tate the type of treatment.
1.8.4 Waterborne Preservatives. At least one application of a 5 per-
cent solution of the same preservative used in the original treatment.
For either of the above preservatives, appropriate copper napthenate
solutions can be utilized as this preservative is compatible with either of the
above preservative formulations.
1.9.1 General. EFD Applied Biologists are available to provide tech-
nical assistance to all Naval activities on wood related matters. On-site
assistance can be obtained via Engineering Service Requests or during
scheduled on-site reviews which are normally conducted at least biennially.
Applied Biologists maintain particular expertise in the area of pesticide
(wood preservatives) legal requirements (State and Federal) for pesticide
applications, pesticide use in general, State and Federal pesticide ap-
plicator certification requirements, and pesticide applicator training. Ap-
pendix A provides names, addresses and phone numbers and geographical
areas under their cognizance. Activity assistance or technical information
should be obtained from the EFD which maintains responsibility for ac-
tivities within your geographical area.
1. OPNAVINST 6250.4A. Pest Management Programs. This instruction
designates responsibilities, states the legal requirements for the safe han-
dling and use of pesticides and provides guidance for a careful environmen-
tal stewardship of Navy property and natural resources.
2. NAVFACINST 6250.3G.
Applied Biology Program Services and
Training. Lists the pest management services, to include vegetation con-


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