Quantcast Record Keeping Requirements (Wood Components)

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trol and wood protection. Describes in detail the training and certification
requirements necessary to apply pesticides on Navy activities.
3. NAVFACINST 6250.4B. Selection, Procurement and Use of Preserv-
ative-Treated Wood Products. Based on intended end use, provides
guidance for the specification of treated wood products to extend the
service life of wood products.
4. NAVFAC MO-312. Wood Protection. Provides information on the
different tree species, and the physical and chemical characteristics of
wood. Discusses the different chemical preservatives along with the pur-
pose, advantages and disadvantages of each type. Finally discusses the
importance of a quality management program for assuring the receipt of
quality treated wood products.
5. American Wood Preservers Association Book of Standards. This pub-
lication provides the technical requirements for chemical preservatives,
chemical retention levels for specific end products, testing procedures, and
product marking requirements. These are the non-government standards
to be cited in Navy procurement specifications.
6. NAVFAC Specification TS-20312. Maintenance of Wooden Utility
Poles. Provides guidance for the inspection and preventive maintenance
of a utility pole plant. Properly treated utility poles can last 40-50 years, a
periodic inspection and maintenance program can add many additional
1.11.1 Background. Complete records on the replacement and pre-
servative in-place treatment of wood components are often either not kept
or are incomplete.
1.11.2 Discussion.  Historical records maintained on wood com-
ponents within the CDAA arrays are invaluable in determining structural
performance, identifying potential biological problem areas (decay), and
for evaluating effectiveness of in-place maintenance procedures.
Records on in-house inspections can also provide significant and useful
information to CDAA inspection teams thereby enabling inspection efforts
to be more selective during the overall structural evaluation. Specific
information needed by the CDAA survey team includes:


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