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INTRODUCTION. This guide is designed to assist installation person-
nel who are required to receive, verify, and accept pressure-preservative
treated wood products that are delivered to the installation. The guide
provides basic guidelines for accepting or rejecting a product.
BACKGROUND. During 1985-86, a joint Navy-American Wood
Preservers' Bureau (AWPB) program surveyed 18 Naval installations
which were major wood users. The survey revealed that a majority of the
delivered products did not conform to treatment standards or contract
specifications. Most of the nonconforming materials had not received
the required quality control inspections by the producer. Many of the
products were not branded or marked as required, which frequently led
to the misuse of those products. Other problems included substitutions
of specified wood species and products not treated to specification. On
those occasions when required inspection reports were provided, the
reports were not correct and were possibly falsified. Many of the
problems were caused by a general lack of knowledge by Navy personnel
about pressure treated wood and were especially caused by the lack of
good inspection at the installation.
GENERAL. This guide is designed to assist naval installation personnel
in inspecting treated wood products that are delivered to the installation
to determine if those products are acceptable for use. The Guide con-
sists of a KEY that contains two parts, one for personnel with little or no
training or experience with wood products, and a second for those per-
sonnel with training, experience, and the equipment to conduct detailed
inspection. The KEY is in 2 forms - a long form with explanations and a
short form without explanations. The KEY allows even the inex-
perienced person to proceed in a logical step-by-step procedure to
either accept or reject delivered products. Also, the Guide contains
several Appendices which give the inspector additional information to
supplement the long-form KEY.
Wood products must be treated with preservatives so that they will not
rot or decompose. When working with treated wood products, installa-
tion personnel should recognize that there is a great deal of variability be-


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