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by trained personnel with the equipment to obtain samples by boring, to
determine preservative penetration, and to obtain analyses for preserv-
ative retention. If trained government personnel are not available to per-
form this part of the inspection, then one of a number of independent
agencies, recommended by an EFD Applied Biologist, should be hired
to determine if the products conform to treatment standards and the con-
tract specifications.
APPENDICES. This guide contains several Appendices that have addi-
tional information to help the inspector make a decision. The inspector
should be thoroughly familiar with the information in the Appendices
and should refer to the appropriate Appendix whenever the Appendix is
mentioned in the KEY.
Before inspecting any treated wood products, the inspector must have in
his/her possession a copy of the contract specification requirements for
the treated wood. The specification will indicate whether the product
was purchased through the Federal Supply System at the Defense Con-
struction Supply Center (DCSC), through local purchase, or through a
construction or repair contractor. The specification will also tell the in-
spector the requirements for the species of wood, its intended use, pre-
servative treatment, special conditioning, Acceptable Quality Marks or
other brands. and (if appropriate) the class and/or grade of the product.
NOTE: If the materials are not inspected within 90 days of delivery, the
naval installation will lose the right to protest about the materials.


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