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Each DLA shipment should include a DD Form 250, Material Inspec-
tion and Receiving Report. When you inspect and approve the material,
you should sign the report as the DCASR-Quality Assurance Repre-
sentative (QAR).
Verify the species, treatment, and item count.....
b. Local Purchase. Products which cost less than $2,500 are usually or-
dered from a local supplier/producer. These products must be checked
carefully. You should check that an inspection report is submitted by an
approved independent inspection agency. The report should verify treat-
ment and compliance with the specification.
Proceed to Step 2.
c. Construction Contractor. These are products obtained and installed
by construction or repair contractors. These products also must be
checked carefully. The contractor is responsible for the quality of the
product and is required to produce proof of inspecton by an approved in-
dependent inspection agency. NOTE: Instead of an inspection, the con-
tractor may provide softwood products bearing an "Acceptable" Quality
Mark, such as AWPB, SPIB, WQC and others as they become available.
Products bearing an acceptable quality mark are quality-assured. If you
have any doubt concerning a product, treater, or inspection agency, you
should request a detailed inspection as in PART II. The EFD Applied
Biologist is available to provide information concerning such overview in-
Proceed to Step 2.
Step 2. Brands Used on Treated Wood Products.
The American Wood Preservers' Association (AWPA) M-6 Standard
(Appendix B) indicates specific information that must be marked,
branded, or tagged on each piece of treated material. If a bundle con-
tains small pieces of lumber, only the outside pieces of the bundle must


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