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LP-2 25
Typical Label for Treated Wood
You should locate the specific product table in Appendix C to rapidly
identify the brand information.
No brands or suitable marks ....... REJECT.
Has proper brands or marks ........ Proceed to Step 3.
Step 3. Acceptable Quality Marks.
Many treating plants have quality control programs. These plants mark
their products with Quality Marks or brands. The American Wood
Preservers' Bureau (AWPB) sets quality control procedures to guaran-
tee quality in most softwood products such as lumber, timber, plywood,
and piling. The AWPB standards are recognized by treaters, certified in-
dependent inspection agencies, and Bureau inspectors. A "Clover-leaf'
mark on the product indicates AWPB approval (eg, label illustrated in
Step 2 above). The mark may appear by itself or with the treater's brand.
The Rural Electrification Administration (REA) has a quality control
program followed by many treating plants that produce utility poles. Ap-
proval by this program is shown by a "WQC" mark plus the treater's
brand mark. "WQC" means Wood Quality Control.
The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau also utilizes a quality mark to indi-
cate that the product conforms to AWPA Treatment Standards. The
"SPIB" mark is their quality mark.


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