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Products displaying the "Cloverleaf", WQC, or SPIB Branding Marks
may be accepted without further inspection. Because Acceptable
Quality Mark s may change from time to time, you are encouraged to pe-
riodically contact a EFD Applied Biologist for an updated list.
Products with "Cloverleaf," WQC or SPIB Marks: verify
species, treatment, and item count.....
Products without Acceptable Quality Mark.....
Proceed to Step 4.
Step 3. Inspection Reports.
An inspection report should be delivered with the lumber. The inspec-
tion report plus the product's brand will help you complete your inspec-
tion. All softwood products without an Acceptable Quality Mark must
be accompanied by an inspection report from an approved independent
inspection agency. The report must verify that the products meet the
naval installation's specifications and that the products meet AWPA
Standards or other specified standards. The independent inspection
agency inspection should be in accordance with AWPA Standard M2,
and each piece of treated wood should bear the inspector's hammer
mark on one or both ends. The inspection report shall include all of the
following applicable information, plus any other information requested
by the installation:
Name of Treating Company
Location of Treating Plant
Applicable Product Specification or Standard (ASTM, AWPA, AWPB,
Charge number (Many pieces of wood are placed in a cylinder and
treated with preservative. Each cylinder full of wood is called a charge
and is assigned a charge number.)
Date of treatment
Contents of charge


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