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Step 5. Species.
The species of wood is specified in the contract. Check the inspection
report under Contents of Charge to make certain that the wood is the
species required by the contract. Also, examine the brands on several
pieces to see if they match the inspection report, and the contract
specification. (Check the product tables of Appendix C to identify the
acceptable species codes for specific commodities.)
Species do not match inspection report and contract....
Species are correct .... Proceed to Step 6.
Step 6. Physical Condition.
You must visually inspect the physical condition of the wood. Major
defects in the wood should have been found and removed prior to treat-
ment. However breaks, checking, and splitting can occur after treatment.
With any wood product, a certain amount of checking will occur as the
wood seasons. Checks are separations along the grain of the wood.
Checks arc allowable.
A split is a check that extends entirely through a piece of wood from one
surface to another surface. With poles and piles, splits in the butt (larger
end) are permitted if they do not extend more than two feet on the side
surface. For seasoned milled lumber and railroad ties, splits shall not be
longer than 4" at either end. In addition, splits in railroad ties shall not
be wider than 1/4".
Railroad ties with splits longer than 4", but not longer than the width of
the face in which the split appears, may be made acceptable if the sup-
plier installs anti-splitting devices. These devices are installed while the
wood is in a compressed state to keep the split from reopening or enlarg-
ing. Two types of anti-splitting metal devices are acceptable (unless
otherwise specified): the end plate (figure 1), which is installed at the
end of a piece, or 2 dowels (figure 2) installed 3-5" from the end and
2"-2 1/2" from the top, bottom, or side.


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