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Lumber over 2" thick without incising holes .... REJECT.
Lumber over 2" thick with incising holes .... Proceed to
Step 8.
Step 8. Treatment
Treatment requires penetration (depth) and retention (amount injected)
of the required preservative in accordance with the latest issue of
specified AWPA standards. The product's effectiveness will depend
most on the depth of penetration and the amount of preservative in-
jected into the product. The treater should have bored samples from the
wood and tested the wood for penetration and retention. The holes
from the boring samples should be plugged with preservative treated
hardwood dowels approximately 1/3" in diameter.
Since most borings will be taken from the outer pieces in a charge, the
bore holes should be easily found if the lot was not opened. Check the
product's brand to determine if the preservative matches the inde-
pendent inspection agency's report and the contract specification. Also
check near the middle of pieces of wood for evidence of sample borings.
Product has not had correct treatment or does not have
plugged bore holes .... REJECT.
Product has had correct treatment and has bore plugged
holes .... Proceed to Step 9.
Step 9. Inspector Confidence in the Product.
At this point in the inspection process, you should have enough informa-
tion to accept or reject a product. If you are in doubt about items such
as treatment, prior inspections, physical quality, etc., you should request
a final inspection by a trained wood inspector. Doubt may be caused by
a lack of experience with a particular producer or with the independent
inspection agency which inspected a product, especially if evidence of in-
spection is lacking. When in doubt, you should consult with the EFD Ap-
plied Biologist (Appendix A). If confidence is still lacking after
consulting with the biologist, you should proceed to Part II. If you are
confident that the products are satisfactory, ACCEPT the products.


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