Quantcast Preservative Penetration

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Any doubts about acceptability of product .... Consult
EFD Applied Biologist.
Doubts after consulting biologist .... Proceed to Part II.
Total confidence in product ... ACCEPT.
NOTE: This part of the inspection procedure shall only be performed
by trained personnel because it requires the collection and shipment of
sample borings to a laboratory for analysis. If trained government per-
sonnel (either DCASR, EFD, or installation) are not available to take
borings, then the EFD Applied Biologist should be consulted to provide
a recommendation for an independent inspection agency to conduct
final inspection. The EFD Applied Biologist will also provide details
concerning the analytical laboratory where cores should be sent. A
guide scope of work for wood products inspection is provided as Appen-
dix D. Final inspection shall be in accordance with AWPA Standard
M2, and the appropriate AWPA Commodity (C) Standard. A boring
sample report, as in Appendix E, or equivalent, should be submitted
along with the cores to the analytical laboratory. The laboratory will pro-
vide information results by telephone within 24 hours of receipt of the
cores. The laboratory will then complete the analysis portion of the
report and send it back to the installation for disposition.
Step 10. Preservative Penetration.
The preservative penetration must be as specified in the appropriate
AWPA "C" Standard.
Preservative penetration not as specified .... REJECT.
Preservative penetration meets AWPA "C" Standard ....
Proceed to Step 11.


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