Quantcast Appendix A Naval Facilities Engineering Command Applied Biologists -Cont. - mo312_20030

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Area of Responsibility
Southern Division (16A)
Mr. C. W. Bennett (16A)
North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, Florida,
Naval Facilities Engineering
(wood protection)
Alabama, Louisiana,
Mr. Melvin P. Marks
Command, P.O. Box 10068
Mississippi, Tennessee,
Charleston, SC 29411-0068
Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma,
Mrs. Sharon E. Bartku
803/743-0508, 10, 11
New Mexico, & Andros Island
DSN 563-0508, 10, 11
Alaska, Arizona, California
Western Division (162A)
Mr. A. Reese
Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
Naval Facilities Engineering
Oregon, Washington,
Mr. Scott Dombrosky
Command, P.O. Box 727
Wyoming, Utah
(wood protection)
San Bruno, CA 94066-0720
415/244-3572,3 DSN 494-3572,3
(Western Division also supports Southwest Division installations)
Commanding Officer (410E)
Mr. Napolean P. Camba All U. S. Navy
U.S. Navy Public Works Center
installations in the
Subic Bay
FPO San Francisco, CA 96651-2900
DSN 384-6292
U. S. Navy installations in
Commanding Officer (420E)
Mr. Akira Masui
Japan (less Okinawa)
U.S. Navy Public Works Center
Box 13
FPO Seattle 98762
DSN 234-7414
(Revised 23 Jan 1991)


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