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imize health hazards. Special precautions should be taken to avoid drift.
Topical treatments recommendations for the major preservative classes
are as follows:
Oilborne Preservatives. At least two brush applications of either
creosote or a solution of at least 5 percent pentachlorophenol in a
suitable solvent or one heavy application of a grease/paste containing at
least 10 percent pentachlorophenol. Cleanliness requirements should
dictate the type of treatment.
Waterborne Preservatives. At least one application of a 5 percent solu-
tion of the same preservative used in the original treatment.
For either of the above preservatives, appropriate copper napthenate
solutions can be utilized as this preservative is compatible with either of
the above preservative formulations.
The label on the preservative container
is a legal document. All methods of
application, precautions, cleanup,
safety, and dispersal must be carefully
4.2 Groundline or Bandage Treatment. Groundline brush or
bandage treatments are very effective in controlling surface decay in the
outer shell of poles at and below groundline. With these treatments, the
soil is excavated from the bases of poles to a depth of approximately two
feet. The exposed surface of poles then are checked for decay and, if
present, the decayed wood is removed using a sharpened shovel. Next a
bandage wrap containing a preservative is fastened around the below-
grade portions of the poles or preservative is applied directly to the pole
surface and covered with a water-impervious wrap such as polyethylene
that is fastened tightly to the poles. The wrap should not be damaged as
the backfill is being replaced.
Before treatment, the surface to be treated should be cleaned of any
decayed or loose wood. No more sound wood than necessary should be
removed. All debris should be removed from the excavated area around
the pole.


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