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Because of the hazards associated
with fumigants, they shall only be
applied by individuals who hold a valid
DoD or State Pesticide Applicator
certification in the Category applicable
to fumigation.
At overseas installations, insure,
through the cognizant Pest
Management Professional (Appendix
A), that this material is legally
Consult the cognizant PMC for local regulations concerning fumigants.
Fumigants can control internal decay for at least nine years. As a result,
the use of fumigants is now common technology.
Sodium N-methyl dithiocarbamate (Vapam), methylisothiocyanate
(MITC-Fume) (Vorlex), and tricholoronitromethane (chloropicrin) are
currently registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) for application to wood. These are restricted use pesticides and
can only be applied by a certified applicator.
Label directions for applications of individual fumigants must be fol-
lowed. In general, starting at the ground line, 5/8 to 7/8 inch diameter
holes are drilled directly towards the center of the pole at a steep
downward angle.
The hole should not be through the pole or intersect seasoning checks
which would allow the fumigant to escape. To assure good distribution
of the fumigant, holes are spaced evenly (and drilled in a downward
direction) around the pole in an upward spiral pattern with a vertical
spacing of 6 to 12 inches. If more than two treating holes intersect an in-
ternal void or decay pocket, re-drill the holes further up the pole into
relatively solid wood where the fumigant will gradually volatilize and
move through the wood.
The fumigant placed in decay pockets will be lost if the seasoning checks
connect the pocket to the outside of the pole. If the decay pocket is
above the ground line, holes should be bored above and below the pock-
et. A three inch long treated plug is inserted into each hole after treat-


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