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Poles treated with oil borne preservatives should be installed soon after
treating to minimize lateral movement of preservative to the extent that
subsequent durability of the treated product will be reduced. This is a
particularly important consideration in procurement programs for poles
that might normally be expected to be in storage for a minimum of one
Poles treated with creosote or oil base preservatives stored in a horizon-
tal position for over 18 months can lose preservative due to bleeding and
volatilization or the preservative can migrate in the wood. To minimize
this loss, poles should be rotated periodically while in storage.
Migration or loss of preservative during storage is not a problem with
water-borne preservatives.
13.1 General. EFD Applied Biologists are available to provide
technical assistance to all Naval activities on wood related matters. On-
site assistance can be obtained via Engineering Service Requests or
during scheduled on-site reviews which are normally conducted at least
biennially. Applied Biologists maintain particular expertise in the area
of pesticides (wood preservatives) legal requirements (State and Federal
Laws) for pesticide applications, pesticide use, State and Federal pes-
ticide applicator certification requirements, and pesticide applicator
training, Appendix A provides names, addresses and phone numbers
and geographical areas under their cognizance. Activity assistance or
technical information should be obtained from the EFD which maintains
responsibility for activities within your geographical area.
1. OPNAVINST 6250.4A. Pest Management Programs. This instruc-
tion designates responsibilities, states the legal requirements for the safe
handling and use of pesticides and provides guidance for a careful en-
vironmental stewardship of Navy property and natural resources.
2. NAVFACINST 6250.3H.  Applied Biology Program Services and
Training. Lists the pest management services, to include vegetation con-
trol and wood protection. Describes in detail the training and certifica-


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