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(Ultra-High Preservative Loaded Wood Poles-
For Use in Hostile Environments)
1) Product: Southern Pine (preferred due to treatability and performance.)
2) Preservative Treatment: Creosote and Creosote solutions in accordance with
American Wood Preserver's Association [current (standard P2-  )].
3) Materials and Requirements:
(a) Piles: Provide Southern Pine clean-peeled piles conforming to ASTM D25. Mini-
mum (butt circumference measured at 3 feet from the butt end)(tip-circumference) shall
be ( ___ inches) (as indicated). Piles shall be in one piece. Splices will not be permitted.
(b) Preservative Treatment: Treat piles by the full-cell pressure process in accordance
with AWPA C1 and C3 for Marine piling using Creosote and Creosote solutions [current
(AWPA P2- )].
4) Certificates of Compliance:
The contractor shall be responsible for the quality of treated wood products. Each treated
pile shall be branded, by the producer, in accordance with AWPA M6. The contractor
shall provide the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) with the inspection report
of an independent inspection agency, approved by the Contracting Officer, that offered
products comply with applicable AWPA Standards. The AWPB Quality Mark "MP-2" on
each pile will be accepted, in lieu of inspection reports, as evidence of compliance with ap-
plicable AWPA treatment standards,
5) Plant Inspection:
The Contracting Officer reserves the right to perform plant inspections of the treating
process. Provide the Contracting Officer with a minimum 3-week advance notice, indicat-
ing location of the initial preservative treatment. Allow the Contracting Officer unlimited
access to the plant and inspection privileges for all facets of the treating process.
6) Branding or .Marking:
Each treated pile shall be permanently marked or branded, by the producer, in accordance
with AWPA M6.
7) Note: When Government inspections result in product rejection, the Contractor shall
promptly segregate and remove rejected material from the premises. The Government
may also charge the Contractor any additional cost of inspection or test when prior rejec-
tion makes reinspection or retest necessary.


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