Quantcast Section D -- Disposing of Herbicides

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AFM 91-19 / TM 5-629 / NAVFAC MO-314
24 May 1989
Store herbicides in a cool, dry place that is vented and where negative pressure is maintained.
Store herbicides away from foods, fertilizers, feed, seed, and other types of pesticides.
Make sure that the storage area is lockable and not accessible to children, unwary adults, or
Store herbicides only in the original, labeled containers.
Rotate the stock. Use old product before new.
Follow local regulations for stacking heights. Check with the local safety office and fire department.
Record the lot numbers of herbicides in your inventory system. Every herbicide container has a lot
Have emergency phone numbers available, including those for medical facility emergency room,
environmental coordinator, bioenvironmental engineering official, and facility fire department.
Figure 2-3. Basic Precautions for Storing Herbicides.
2-13. Hazardous Waste Requirements. Be sure
Section D -- Disposing of Herbicides
to comply with federal, state, local, or host
2-12. Waste Herbicides and Containers. Mix
nation hazardous waste regulations. Waste her-
bicides and containers that qualify as hazardous
only the amount of herbicide that you will need
wastes must be disposed of according to those
for the job. Any that is left over should be used,
if you have a valid requirement for it. Other-
regulations. The label provides instructions. The
wise, it may have to be treated as a hazardous
Armed Forces Pest Management Board's Tech-
waste. Pesticide containers must be disposed of
nical Information Memorandum 18, Pesticide
according to instructions on the label. Often this
Disposal Guidelines for Pest Control Shops, also
involves burning paper and cardboard containers
provides guidance. If you have any questions,
in approved incinerators; burying polyethlene
ask the MAJCOM or EFD pest management
and other synthetic containers; or triple rinsing,
puncturing, crushing, and burying metal con-
tainers in a Class I landfill.


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