Quantcast Figure 6-1. Personnel Cost Factors for "Air Base Somewhere."

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AFM 91-19 / TM 5-629 / NAVFAC MO-314
24 May 1989
Personnel Cost Factors
Place: Air Base Somewhere
Date: 08/03/84
*Fill in skill levels that might be used in applicable grounds maintenance roles, and give costs in
dollars/hour. Hourly costs are based on local conditions. Use additional sheets if necessary.
**Include any quarters allowance, incentive awards, employer's share of payment for insurance,
retirement, FICA, health insurance, taxes, and similar payments. Individual benefit costs should be
calculated on an hourly basis, summed, and recorded here.
***Published in AFR 173-13, AR 37-115, and DA Pamphlet 420-6.
Figure 6-1. Personnel Cost Factors for "Air Base Somewhere."
(3) Line 3a to 3c. Maintenance costs include
(4) Line 4. The total equipment cost per
all labor and parts, including lubricants, blades,
hour of operation is the sum of the investment,
cutting line, etc., used to maintain and repair
operating, and maintenance costs per operating
the equipment. The costs of labor and parts can
hour. (Note that the costs of PGRs and herbi-
be determined by examining local maintenance
cides are not calculated here. They are consid-
records for any period of time, but an annual
ered in document C.)
basis will probably be most convenient. The
c. The completed document B for the example
labor and parts for the piece or type of equip-
of Air Base Somewhere is shown in figure 6-2.
ment for that period of time are each divided by
In this example, comparing the cost of mowing
the estimated service hours of the equipment for
with the cost of using a PGR requires costing
the same time period to arrive at the labor (line
out four types of mowing equipment and one
3a) and parts (line 3b) costs per operating hour.
type of spraying equipment. The line entries are
The sum of these costs is the total maintenance
fictitious and are only meant to illustrate the
cost per operating hour (line 3c).
method of calculation.. Equipment costs will


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