Quantcast Figure 6-2. Equipment Cost Factors for "Air Base Somewhere."

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AFM 91-19 / TM 5-629 / NAVFAC MO-314
24 May 1989
Equipment Cost Factors*
Place: Air Base Somewhere
Date: 08/03/84
Types of Equipment
*Fill in types of equipment that might be used in applicable grounds maintenance operations, and give
costs in dollars/hours.
**This column indicates the source of information. The figures in parentheses indicate lines of this
***Local conditions prevail. Guidelines are provided in Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Circular No. A-76, "Performance of Commercial Activities," August 1983.
****Based on local experience or manufacturers' manuals.
Figure 6-2. Continued
b. The line entries are made as follows:
using each type of equipment is obtained by
multiplying line la by line lb and by line 1c and
(1) Lines 1a to 1d. These lines are used to
is entered on line 1d. The total equipment cost
calculate the equipment costs of the maintenance
for the maintenance operation is also entered on
operation. Hourly operating costs from docu-
line 1d.
ment B are entered on line la for each type of
equipment to be used. Then, an estimate of how
(2) Lines 2a to 2d. These lines are used to
many hours it would take to treat an acre with
calculate the costs of spraying PGRs, and are
each type of equipment in the kind of terrain
only completed for that particular operation. On
found in the parcel is entered on line lb. The
line 2a, the gallons per acre of the PGR is
number of acres to be treated with each type of
entered. Line 2b is the cost per gallon of the
equipment is entered on line 1c. The cost of
PGR, and line 2c is the number of acres to be


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