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AFM 91-19 / TM 5-629 / NAVFAC MO-314
24 May 1989
*The figures in parentheses indicate lines of this document.
**Nonproductive time includes time used in transport to and from the work site, refueling and greasing
equipment, and making repairs and adjustments. This time is subtracted from the normal 8-hour day to
derive "productive operator-hours per day."
***Computed on an hourly basis for tractormowers if they are the prime movers of the mowers to and from
the work site. The tractor-drivers' time is included in the 2 hour "nonproductive time" or in-transit time
and is therefore not included again in 4g.
Figure 6-3. Continued.
1,066 total operator hours must be budgeted to
example to be 2 hours per day. Therefore, the
accomplish the job. This figure is entered on line
normal 8-hour day is reduced to 6 productive
workhours. Six is divided into the required 800
hours of tractor mowing time to obtain the
(b) The labor costs on line 3f are taken
number of operator days that are required,
from document A (figure 6-1). A worker at the
133.3, which is entered on line 3d. The number
WG-4 grade level is used as the tractor opera
of days required, 133.3, is multiplied by the
tor. An hourly wage worker, hired on a tempo-
scheduled hours per day, 8, and shows that
rary basis, operates the riding mower. The


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