Quantcast Toxicity Ratings

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Very Toxic
Extremely Toxic
Moderately Toxic
Slightly Toxic
501-5000 mg/kg
< 50 mg/kg
Oral LD501
> 5000 mg/kg
Inhalation LC502
3-20 mg/l
21-200 mg/l
< 2 mg/l
> 200 mg/l
Dust or mist
201-2000 p/m
2001-20,000 p/m
< 200 p/m
> 20,000 p/m
Gas or vapor
201-2000 mg/kg
< 200 mg/kg
2001-20,000 mg/kg
> 20,000 mg/kg
Dermal LC50
cornea1 opacity
no cornea1 opacity
no irritation
Eye effects
reversible within
cornea1 opacity
irritation revers-
7 days or irrita-
ible within 7 days
at 7 days
tion persisting
for 7 days
severe irritation
moderate irrita-
mild or slight
no irritation
Skin irritation
tion at 72 h
or damage at 72 h
irritation at 72 h
at 72 h
2 tablespoon
1 pint
a taste to a
> 1 pint
Probable lethal
oral dose for
Danger; Poison in
no signal word required
Human hazard
red and skull and
signal word
cross bones
LD50 is the dose of a chemical calculated to be lethal to 50 percent of the organisms in a specific test situation. For comparative purposes, the LD  50
for aspirin is 1240 mg/kg (moderately toxic) and for table salt is 3320 (moderately toxic).
LC50 is the concentration of a chemical in air (inhalation toxicity) or water (aquatic toxicity) that will kill 50 percent of the organisms in a specific
test situation.


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