Quantcast Herbicides for Woody Plants

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Treatment (pounds/
Time of
Woody Plants
acre; cost/pound)
Poison ivy, poison oak,
Apply as a drenching foliage and stem spray when rainfall
Amitrole (3-6; $6.15/lb) Actively growing plants in
is not expected for at least 24 hours. If regrowth appears,
honeysuckle, kudzu, sal-
full leaf until plants begin
retreat in August or the following spring. Herbicide is
monberry, bigleaf maple,
to go dormant.
absorbed by the leaves and is translocated through the
wild cherry, ash, locust,
entire plant. It is water-soluble and has short residual
and sumac.
activity through the soil. It is a nonselective spray that
may injure all vegetation in treated areas.
Apply as a drenching foliage spray, frill, notch, or stump
AMS (60 lb/100 gal
Full-leaf stage until foliage
Most woody plants, in-
treatment. For the cut surface treatments use more
cluding hardwood and co-
begins to discolor.
concentrated solutions. Injures grasses and other vegeta-
niferous species such as al-
tion in the area. Can be used adjacent to domestic water
der, ash, birch, cedar, elm,
supply reservoirs, streams, drainage ditches, lakes and
gum, hickory, maple, oak,
ponds. Extremely corrosive of most metals. Follow in-
pine, poison ivy, and wil-
structions on label for cleaning and protection of equip-
Many woody plants are
Bromacil is a soil treatment, and often kills all vegetation
Bromacil (5-25; $13.75/lb)
In spring or fall, before
susceptible. Plants some-
in the treated area. Because it persists in the soil,
period of expected rainfall.
what resistant include
reseeding is not practical. It may be carried to adjoining
greenbriar, mesquite, osage
areas by surface water that runs across treated sites, and
orange, and roses.
injure susceptible plants downslope.
Especially effective on le-
Applied as a foliage spray. Can be absorbed from the
Clopyralid (0.5; $4.30/lb)
Full leaf stage and when
gume plants such as mis-
soil. Use other herbicides such as 2.4-D, dicamba, and
plants are actively grow-
quite. Some other woody
triclopyr in mixtures with clopyralid to increase spectrum
plants such as big sage-
of woody plants controlled.
brush can be controlled at
higher rates.


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