Quantcast Preplanting Treatments to Control Weeds in Ornamental Plantings

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Herbicide (pounds/
Time of
acre; cost/pound)
(240 - 300 ;
Four weeks before planting
Most weed species, nema-
A preplanting soil fumigant used in forest tree beds,
in spring, 3 weeks before
todes, soil fungi, and cer-
ornamental beds, and turf and lawn seedbeds. Soil should
planting in summer and
tain soil insects.
be moist and cultivated 7 days before treatment. The
herbicide is broadcast on the cultivated soil surface by
spreader or by hand, and is incorporated by conventional
equipment. Adequate moisture is important. If soil is dry,
irrigate the treated area with 0.5 inch of water after
treatment. Wait 3 to 4 weeks after treatment before
Glyphosate (1-3; $26.30/lb) Preplanting, grasses and Quackgrass, and many
Glyphosate is a nonselective, translocated systemic, and is
other plants at least 6 to  other perennial grasses and
quickly inactivated in soil. The normal practice is to spray
8" tall, on a day when rain  broadleaf weeds, on new
actively growing quackgrass or other plants before orna-
mental plants are set. With woody-plant ornamentals,
is not expected.
planting sites.
tillage before planting is not necessary. Holes can be dug
and the plants set into the dying sod. But with herbaceous
plants, tillage not sooner than 3 days after spraying is
beneficial. Following planting, use a preemergence resid-
ual herbicide, mulch, or a combination of herbicide and
mulch, to provide residual control of the weeds that will
emerge from germinating seeds.
Metham (218-435 qt com-
Apply 14 to 21 days before
Most weed species, nema-
Metham is used as a preplanting soil fumigant treatment
m e r c i a l p r o d u c t ;  planting; the soil should be
todes, plant disease organ-
in areas to be planted or replanted with lawngrasses,
between 60 and 90F at
isms, and insects in soil.
flowers, ornamentals, fruit trees, etc. The soil is cultivated
3-inch depth.
and kept moist a week before applying metham. Applica-
tion of 1 to 2 pints of commercial metham formulation to
100 ft2 of soil area may be applied in a sprinkling can of
water or by other methods. The treated area is immedi-
ately sprinkled with water until soil is wet 2-4 inches
deep, or even better results are expected if area is covered
immediately with plastic which is left on 2 days after
treatment. Planting can be done 14 to 21 days later.


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