Quantcast Preemergence Treatment to Control Weeds in Ornamental Plantings -Cont. - mo3140151

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Herbicide (pounds/
Time of
acre; cost/pound)
Highly volatile, so incorporation in soil is essential. The
EPTC (4-6, EC&G;
Preemergence, incorpo-
Germinating seedling of
short residual activity and difficulty in incorporation often
rated in soil immediately
grasses and some broadleaf
weeds, including morning
makes use limited. Many broadleaf weeds not adequately
or sprinkler irrigated.
glory, chickweed, henbit,
controlled. EPTC followed by simazine, on ornamentals
nightshade, lambsquarters,
tolerant to EPTC and simazine, can extend control. Very
purslane,  and pigweed,
low hazard to turfgrass downslope. Some hazard if
and nutsedge for about 6
simazine is used.
Metolachlor (4-6, EC&G;
Similar to alachlor but longer lasting. Resistant weeds
Preemergence or preplant
Annual weed grasses, yel-
include lambsquarters, groundsel, and many other broad-
low nutsedge, and certain
leaf weeds. Granules are safe on most woody plants and
broadleaf weeds for 2 or 3
some ground covers. EC formulations injure certain
plants, such as actively growing pines, when sprayed on
their foliage. Low to moderate hazard to turfgrass down-
Napropamide (4-6, WP&G;
Resistant weeds include woodsorrel and nightshade fam-
Preemergence to the  Annual grasses, some
weeds, followed by rain or  broadleaf weeds and nut-
ily. It is safe on a broad range of woody plants and
ground covers and many herbaceous plants. Low hazard
sprinkler irrigation, or in-  sedge.
corporated in soil preplant.
to turfgrass or bulbs downslope.
Oryzalin (2-4,WP;
Resistant weeds include ragweed and crucifers. Similar to
Preemergence on soil sur-
Controls annual grasses,
trifluralin chemically but is not volatile and lasts longers.
face. If no rain in 10 days
and many broadleaf weeds
Safe on some ground covers, bulbs and most established
after application, sprinkler
for 3 to 6 months.
woody plants. A good choice for woody plantings with
bulbs interplanted. Not safe on turf but low hazard to
turf from rundown.
Resistant weeds include the chickweeds. Safe on dry
Oxadiazon (3-4,G;
Preemergence to the
A broad spectrum of an-
foliage of several ground covers, most woody plants and
nual grasses, and broadleaf
bluegrass turf. Susceptible plants include many herbaceous
weeds for 3-4 months.
plants and bulbs. A good choice on resistant ground
covers and woody plants on slopes above turfgrass.


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