Quantcast Postemergence Treatment to Control Weeds in Ornamental Plantings

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Herbicide (pounds/
Time of
acre; cost/pound)
A systemic herbicide primarily used for woody plant
Amitrole (3-6, water soluble
Poison ivy, poison oak,
Full-leaf stage of actively
control (i.e., poison ivy and poison oak). Spray when
powder  o r s o l u t i o n ;
honeysuckle, kudzu, sal-
growing weeds and until
rainfall is not expected within 24 hours. It is a nonselec-
monberry, big-leaf maple,
plants begin to go dor-
tive spray and may injure all vegetation in the treated
wild cherry, ash, locust,
area. Excessive application of amitrole in root zones of
and sumac.
trees causes chlorotic injury. Low to moderate hazard to
turfgrass downslope.
Apply as a drenching spray, frill, or stump treatment. A
AMS (60 lb./100 gal, water
Most woody plants, in-
Full-leaf stage, until foli-
nonselective, contact herbicide for herbaceous and woody
soluble crystals; $1.00/lb)
age begins to discolor.
cluding hardwood and co-
plant control. Not to be used on ornamental plants. It
niferous species.
breaks down to ammonium sulfate {fertilizer) in the soil,
and is one of only two brush killers approved for use
adjacent to domestic water supply reservoirs. It is very
corrosive to equipment.
Asulam (3-7, water soluble
A systemic spray that slowly kills susceptible plants. It is
Annual grasses and certain
Postemergence to estab-
registered for, and may be safely sprayed over, yews and
powder  o r l i q u i d ;
lished plants.
broadleaf weeds such as
junipers; but most deciduous shrubs and certain other
horseweed, mugwort, and
conifers are injured by foliar sprays. Other residual
Canada thistle.
preemergence herbicide is also needed to provide contin-
ued weed control.
A contact herbicide of low acute mammalian toxicity. Not
Cacodylic acid (3-10, water
Annual broadleaf and
Foliage spray to estab-
for use on ornamental plants. Useful to burn down weeds,
soluble liquid; $7.00/lb)
lished plants.
grass weeds.
safe around woody plants if suckers or foliage are not


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