Quantcast Plant Growth Regulators for Grass

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Treatment, (pounds/acre;
Time of
cost /pound)
Labeled Grass Species
Amidiochlor (2.5;
Apply to mature coolsea-
Kentucky bluegrass, tall
For use on nonresidential, medium to low maintenance
son grasses in the spring as
and fine fescue and peren-
turf, such as cemeteries, parks, and administrative areas.
vigorous growth begins.
nial ryegrass.
Is root absorbed and must be watered-in within 5 days of
application. Do not mow treated turf until it has been
Chlorflurenol (2-3;
During cool periods fol-
Annual and Kentucky
Chlorflurenol applied alone does not give as good seed-
lowing spring green-up of
bluegrass, red and tall fes-
head or foliar growth suppression as maleic hydrazide
turf and during cool peri-
cues, bahiagrass, crested
(MH) and mefluidide. It gives good broadleaf weed
ods of fall.
control and should be mixed (1.0 lb/a) with MH (3.0
wheatgreass, smooth brome-
lb/a) for best results.
grass, quackgrass, timothy,
perennial ryegrass.
Flurprimidol (0.75-3.0; cost
Apply to mature coolsea-
Is root absorbed, and should be watered-in within 24
Kentucky bluegrass; fine,
not established)
son grasses and bermuda-
hours of application. Does not suppress seedheads, but
sheeps and tall fescue; pe-
suppresses foliar growth for 10-12 weeks. May cause tip
grass in spring following
rennial ryegrass; creeping
the second mowing of the
browning, which can be eliminated by occasional mowing.
bentgrass; 328 and 419
bermudagrass; and com-
mon bermudagrass.
Apply to mature stands of
Tall fescue and smooth
For use on roadside rights-of-way and other industrial
Glyphosate, sodium sesqui
areas where coarse turfs are managed. Foliar absorbed.
tall fescue or smooth brome-
salt (0.19; $50.00/lb)
Rainfall within 6 hours after application may reduce
grass at spring green-up,
effectiveness. Discolors turf and can cause severe injury if
before seedheads have
recommended rate is exceeded.
Effectively suppresses foliar growth and seedheads in
Maleic hydrazide (3-5;
Following spring green-up
Annual and Kentucky
cool-season and some warm-season grasses. Should be
and during cool periods of
bluegrass, bromegrass, or-
mixed with a herbicide if broadleaf weeds are present at
fall on cool-season turfs.
chardgrass, quackgrass,
application. MH may reduce root recuperative potential.
and perennial ryegrass.
Rain within 24 hours after application will reduce


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