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(Application rate;
Time of Application
Weeds Controlled
cost per pound)
Use sufficient spray volume to give uniform coverage.
Amitrole (6-12 lb/a;
When plants are 2 to 3 ft Bulrushes and cattails.
Repeat as required to eradicate regrowth. Use only in
tall or during catkin devel-
drainage ditches and marshes. Do not contaminate pota-
opment; for extended con-
ble water, or water used for irrigation or livestock.
trol, in late summer or
early fall when plants are
fully headed or during post-
heading stage.
Amitrole or Amitrole-T  When plants are 6 to 18
Perennial grasses and
Apply to foliage in 100 to 400 gal water per acre with
(8-16 lb/a; $10.25/lb)  inches tall and before
sedges, for example, com-
ground spray equipment, or in 10 to 15 gal water per acre
as aerial spray. Some grasses, for example, reed canary-
mon reed (Phragmites),
cutgrass,  johnsongrass,
grass, require 50 percent less amitrole-T than amitrole;
knotgrass, paragrass,
use only in drainage ditches and marshes. Do not contam-
quackgrass, and ripgut
inate water used for livestock, irrigation, or domestic
Apply to foliage in 1:20 oil-water emulsion at 150 to 300
2,4-D low volatile ester (4-6
Initial application at first
Bulrushes and cattails.
gal per acre. Repeat as required to establish control. Do
lb/a; $2.60/lb)
heading, and repeat on re-
not contaminate livestock water. Do not exceed 0.1 p/m
growth before heading.
by weight tolerance for irrigation or potable water.
Glyphosate (1-3 lb/a;
When actively growing. Nonselective on grasses
Add 1 to 2 quarts of Ortho X-77 surfactant per 100
gallons spray solution. Avoid washoff by boat backwash
and broadleaf weeds.
or rainfall within 6 hours of application.
Begin treatments around shallow edge of water body
Copper sulfate (pentahy-
On a sunny day when wa- Planktonic, benthic, and
where growth first appears. If entire body of water is
drate) (0.5-1 p/m by
ter temperature is above  filamentous algae.
infested, treat only 1/3 to 1/2 of area and wait 2 weeks
weight copper ion
between treatments. Safe in potable water. In soft or acid
waters, trout and certain other species of fish may be
killed. Copper concentration should not exceed 1 p/m in


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