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(Application rate;
Time of Application
Weeds Controlled
cost per pound)
Bladderwort, coontail, na-
Endothall (dipotassium)
Before weed growth be-
Use lower concentrations in total area treatment and
iads, pondweeds, watermil-
(1-5 p/m by weight;
comes dense or reaches
higher concentrations for margins, spot treatments or cold
foil, waterstargrass, Zanni-
water. Follow label directions on use of treated water.
water surface.
chellia, and burreed.
Water may be used for swimming 12 hours after treat-
ment and fish may be used for food or feed 3 days after
treatment. Do not use treated water for irrigation, food
crop sprays, or for livestock and domestic use within 7
days of treatment.
Fanwort, naiad, pond-
Apply to water surface. Do not use water for irrigation or
Simazine (1-2.5 p/m by
At early stage of growth.
weeds, watermilfoil, and
for animal or human consumption until 12 months after
weight; $4.00/lb)
Bladderwort, coontail, na-
Apply uniformly over surface by boat or helicopter. Use
2,4-D ester, amine, sodium At early stage of growth.
iads, waterchestnut, water-
heavy rates for more resistant species or extremely acid or
or potassium salts (20-40
lb/a; $2.60/lb)
star-grass, watermilfoil, wa-
alkaline water. Some esters of 2.4-D are toxic to some
terlilies, and watershield.
species of fish at these rates. Do not exceed 0.1 p/m by
weight tolerance in domestic or irrigation water.


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