Quantcast Herbicides for Use on Irrigation and Drainage Ditchbanks

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Weeds Controlled
Time of Application
cost per pound)
Use on drainage ditchbanks only.
Amitrole (1-8 + ammo-
After plants emerge; exact
Many annual and peren-
nial grasses and broadleaf
nium  thiocyanate;
timing varies widely with
plants; cattail and common
One formulation registered for restricted use on irrigation
2,4-D (1-3; $260/lb)
When weeds are young
Many annual and peren-
ditchbanks in the Western States; other formulations for
nial broadleaf weeds.
and growing.
use on drainage ditchbanks only.
Use on drainage ditchbanks only.
Dicamba (0.25-0.5 + 2,4-D
When herbaceous weeds
Many annuals and peren-
nial broadleaf herbaceous
are actively growing; for
0.5-1; $13.75/lb)
woody plant control, after
weeds, vines, and woody
leaves are fully developed
and until 3 weeks before
first frost.
Apply before expected seasonal rainfall. Following treat-
Only when water is not in
Many annuals and perenni-
Diuron (4-48; $4.70/lb)
ment, if rainfall has not totaled at least 4 inches; fill ditch
with water and allow to stand for 72 hours. Drain off and
waste the remaining water before using ditch. Do not treat
any ditch into which roots of trees or other desirable
plants extend.
Use on drainage ditchbanks only. Apply by ground
Fosamine (6-12; $10.00/lb)
2-month period before fall
Many woody species.
equipment only.
leaf coloration.
Use with nonionic surfactant, do not overlap more than 1
Glyphosate (1-3; $26.30/lb)
When plants are actively E m e r g e d a n d f l o a t i n g
foot into open water. Kills all vegetation. Grass can be
broadleaf weeds, grasses,
seeded right after treatment.
and many woody plants.
Use on drainage ditchbacks only. Use low rate for
Hexazinone (1.8-10.8;
After weeds emerge, dur-
Many annual and peren-
short-term control and when growing season is short.
nial herbaceous plants and
ing active growth.
woody vines.


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