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d.  Planning of work over an extended period of time to permit maximum
utilization of critical shop skills, to assure material availability, to allow
for shop coordination, and to permit optimum contractor support.
e.  Inspecting shore facilities to identify maintenance and repair
deficiencies, establish facility condition and to permit the critical work
items to be corrected at the appropriate time.
Utilizing inspection information to develop long-range repair plans.
g.  Separating emergency and service work from continuing maintenance and
repair work to minimize disruptions caused by small urgent jobs.
h.  Scheduling work to the shops or authorizing work to contractors to
accomplish assigned taskings in an orderly manner within time constraints.
i.  Appraising management information to determine problem areas and
taking prompt management actions to correct the problem.
Providing quality assurance whether work is accomplished in-house or
by contract.
k.  Utilizing information generated in the system to evaluate facility
condition and to communicate this to all levels of command.
l.  Planning resources available to assure acceptable public works support
for the dollars available.
Facilities management goals are to:
a.  Per form maintenance on a scheduled, rather than on an intermittent,
break-down basis.
Assure that resources are used in the most efficient manner.
Provide more direct control over maintenance work force performance.
Perform the proper level of maintenance.
e.  Take corrective action before advanced deterioration necessitates
major repair s.
f.  Reduce administrative details that interfere with direct supervision
of the maintenance work force.
Correlate the work force capacity of each work center with its work
Obtain optimum shop forces alignment by trade skills.
i.  Provide realistic basis for comparing maintenance job cost estimates
with actual costs.
j.  Provide data indicative of trouble areas requiring corrective
management action.


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