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Elements of Control
(1) Inventory
The first two elements are the
foundation of the maintenance
management system.
They provide basic information on what
(2) Maintenance standards
is to be maintained and comprise a
basis for evaluating (a) the condition
of shore facilities and (b) the
effectiveness of the maintenance effort.
Elements 3 & 4 provide a system of
(3) Work classification
classifying categories of work and
a means of identifying work documents
(4) Numerical identification
for reporting
and work accomplishment.
Work generation
Work reception
Elements (5) through (9) provide a
system to document, classify and
Work input control
Planning and estimating
maintain the status of all incoming
work.  They also provide the techniques
Job authorization
to properly plan and estimate
maintenance, repair and construction
work with Engineered Performance
Standards (EPS) or Unit Price Standards.
(10) Material coordination
Elements of control 10 & 11 are applied
in direct support of work performance
(11) Shop scheduling
prior to, and during, the course of the
Elements of control 12 & 13 provide
(12) Reports
a basis for making judgments and
decisions, and in taking necessary
(13) Appraisal
action during job progress and after


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