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Work generation includes:
(1) Planning and estimating
(2) Inspection
(3) Material ordering
See NAVFAC P-318 for additional information on Facilities Management
Engineering Division functions.
c. FACILITIES SUPPORT CONTRACT DIVISION.  This Division is responsible
for inspection and Public Works management of facility support contracts.
It is normally staffed with a Facility Support Contract Manager (FSCM) and
Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAE's).  Duties are influenced by contract
authority delegated to the Public Works Office.  This office provides the
interface between the Public Works Department and the NAVFACENGCOM Contracts
d.  ADMINISTRATIVE  DIVISION.  The Division is responsible for all admini-
strative matters in the Public Works Department.  These responsibilities
include organization, civilian personnel, office services, reports and
statistics, and budget and finance functions.
e.  ENGINEERING DIVISION.  The Engineering Division provides technical
advice and support for maintenance matters pertaining to engineering studies
and reports; preliminary designs and cost estimates for special repair and
improvement projects; facilities planning; engineering designs, including
development of plans and specifications; and contract document preparation.
f.  SHOPS ENGINEER.  The Shops Engineer generally directs and coordinates
all matters pertaining to Maintenance, Utilities, and Transportation Divisions
operations.  This billet generally exists at large activities only.
g.  MAINTENANCE  DIVISION.  This Division is responsible for the admini-
stration and operation of the in-house maintenance shops engaged in
maintenance and repair of shore facilities. The Division's organization will
vary with the size and type of the activity and local environmental conditions.
h.  UTILITIES DIVISION.  The Utilities Division is responsible for
operating utility plants and distribution systems including the performance of
operator inspections.  Generally, maintenance and repair is accomplished by
the Maintenance Shops.  Exceptions are permissible where economically
justified, such as boiler repairs by watch standers during the off-heating
season.  The Division determines the availability of equipment for overhauls,
inspects, technically supervises the work, checks progress, and makes final
acceptance inspections of the completed work regardless of the forces employed.
i.  TRANSPORTATION  DIVISION.  The Transportation Division provides
necessary transportation and construction equipment, and equipment operators
to the Maintenance Division.  The Facilities Management Engineering Division,
Maintenance, and Transportation Division Directors should cooperate in
programming and scheduling maintenance work requiring transportation support.
j.  HOUSING DIVISION.  The Housing Division is responsible for requesting
accomplishment of work for the maintenance and operation of Family Housing or
the work is accomplished by the maintenance work force contractor.


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